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N.S. budget: Health spending up slightly after election focused on problems

N.S. budget: Health spending up slightly after election focused on problemsNova Scotia's Liberal government, which had promised to address the health care problems that dominated the spring election campaign, drew derisive opposition reviews by adding only $6.2 million in new health spending to a budget worth $10.5-billion. Finance Minister Karen Casey said the budget "builds" on the earlier document, and fulfills Liberal promises to deliver back-to-back surpluses and lower taxes. At the same time, government made key investments in communities across the province," Casey said.

Unions pan U.S., Mexican response to Canada labour standards proposal for NAFTA

Unions pan U.S., Mexican response to Canada labour standards proposal for NAFTATwo labour unions say a Canadian proposal to raise labour standards in the North American Free Trade Agreement is vastly superior to an American text, and they accused the United States of stonewalling progress on the issue. Representatives from Teamsters Canada and Unifor said Tuesday the proposed U.S. text on labour standards was nothing more than a cut and paste of the failed 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership — one that labour unions had already rejected as inadequate.

Liberals reject Conservative choice to lead status of women committee; walk out

Liberals reject Conservative choice to lead status of women committee; walk outThe Liberals made a big spectacle on Tuesday to show their opposition to nominating an alleged anti-abortion Conservative MP as head of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women. All the Liberal members of the committee got up and walked out right before they were to vote on nominating Alberta MP Rachael Harder to the presidency. As they left the meeting room, Liberal MPs criticized Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer, himself anti-abortion, to have chosen Harder as the candidate for the job.

European railway manufacturers Siemens and Alstom confirm merger deal

European railway manufacturers Siemens and Alstom confirm merger dealEuropean railway manufacturers Siemens Mobility and Alstom announced a merger Tuesday that leaves Montreal-based Bombardier Transportation facing a substantially larger rival. The memorandum of understanding announced Tuesday is described as a merger of equals with each owning half the shares of the new company to be headquartered in Paris. The combined company to be called Siemens Alstom will have US$18 billion in revenues and US$1.4 billion in adjusted EBIT.

The Tuesday news briefing: An at-a-glance survey of some top stories

The Tuesday news briefing: An at-a-glance survey of some top storiesINQUIRY INTO MISSING AND MURDERED INDIGENOUS WOMEN HOLDS HEARINGS: A second set of hearings began Tuesday into murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls near British Columbia's Highway of Tears. Dozens of women have disappeared or been killed on the notorious stretch of highway. UBER THREATENS TO SHUT DOWN QUEBEC SERVICE: The Quebec government is trying to impose a rigid and outdated taxi model on Uber's flexible way of doing business and if nothing changes, the ride-hailing company will disappear from the province's roads by mid-October, Uber said Tuesday. Quebec already had the most "severe" rules regulating the ride-hailing company in Canada, said Uber's Quebec general manager, Jean-Nicolas Guillemette.

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