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Navy submarine set to return to Halifax after five-month deployment

Navy submarine set to return to Halifax after five-month deploymentHALIFAX — The Royal Canadian Navy submarine HMCS Windsor is expected to return to Halifax today after completing a five-month deployment in the Euro-Atlantic region.

Man in critical condition after possible fight in Peel region

Man in critical condition after possible fight in Peel regionA man in his 20s was rushed to hospital with head injuries after an apparent fight that began in Peel Region and ended in Halton early Wednesday morning. Police were called for reports of a fight near Winston Churchill Boulevard and Steeles Avenue shortly after midnight. One male was rushed to a Toronto trauma centre in critical condition, according to Peel Regional Police.

Affordable housing project aims at industrial Charlottetown

Affordable housing project aims at industrial CharlottetownA non-profit company is asking the City of Charlottetown for permission to build affordable housing in what is currently an industrial zone. Kings Square Affordable Housing wants to put 50 units, including apartment buildings and townhouses, on Sherwood Road. Kings Square Affordable Housing says land downtown is too expensive.

'That's the dream, right?' Transitioning into being a full-time artist: Slash Workers

'That's the dream, right?' Transitioning into being a full-time artist: Slash WorkersIt's likely Lyndsey Paynter from Charlottetown has had it, at one point or another. For the past several months she's been working as a career transitions facilitator with the public schools branch, which, for her, is the ideal position. "Part of my job is to tell people how the workforce is changing and how people aren't ... getting locked into a 30-year position any more," explained Paynter.

'I don't know where she is': Flooding at Behchoko cemetery leaves graves under water

'I don't know where she is': Flooding at Behchoko cemetery leaves graves under waterThe water has been coming back year after year for about 20 years, but no one is certain where it comes from, so there hasn't been a permanent solution, Mantla explained. One year, the community government moved the grave markers, filled the sunken area with dirt and gravel and tried to put the markers back. This year, the Behchoko community government installed pumps to get rid of the worst of the flooding, but the water is expected to keep coming back, said Behchoko Chief Clifford Daniels.

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